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A Message from Robert F. Lee

The imagery elicited from the poetry of Robert Frost inspires a craving for that road less travelled in life: the path uniquely cradling the dreams and passions that well-crafted words express.
If my writings are able simply to touch fleetingly on the magic that the treasured classic books of my youth provided, I will consider my efforts a success.
I invite you to wander through the samples of my stories.  Each of these books is available in traditional paperback or any of a variety of e-book formats, from my publishers.  Each of these novels also has a sample available, to enable you to gauge my writing style and to see if you are drawn further into the storylines. 
Please enjoy, and let me know your thoughts on my efforts to guide you down a road less travelled.

 Living Simply, Living Rich.  This book is a follow-up to The Last Drop of Living: A Minimalist's Guide To Living The High Life On A Low Budget and Finding Your Oasis.  Living simply isn't.  It can be very complex, and may not be simple, at all.  But it can be rewarding.  Living Simply, Living Rich recommends choosing a focused, fulfilling life, while eschewing the unnecessary material things in your life.  It guides you through the technique for living a "trophy life," and show you how you can retire much sooner than you thought possible.

The Dance Club: Fifty Shades of Turning Grey
is a comedic look at a group of 50- and 60-something ballroom dancers who decide to conduct "research" into the sexploits of Christian Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey fame.

Ashes of Paranoia delves into the troubled mind of Lawrence Mason, whose obsession with fire, and with his mother's ashes reveal a complex individual, whose brushes with the law lead into an odd friendship with the psychiatrist appointed by the court to evaluate him.

How To Build A (Semi) Solid Wall Yurt guides you, with photos and description. through the step-by-step process of building an insulated, fully portable yurt.  Visit for examples of these yurts, or go to the "Non-Fiction" page to explore the book.

Eating Wild
describes to how find, harvest and use over fifty common wild plants of North America.  Herbal medicinal remedies and culinary recipes are included in this guide.

Wild People I Have Known
is a true crime book with a difference.  It explores the more human side of more than twenty killers, rapists and violent criminals of Canada.

Bizarre Bachelors
-- Forty true stories of the unusual lives of single guys.  One almost drowns in an overturned canoe -- in his own basement! Another sets his airplane on fire, so that he can take pictures of an airplane crash.  Another wears six pairs of clothes, at once, so that he does not have to change each day.  Unbelievable? Yes.  True?  Definitely.

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The Last Drop Of Living: A Minimalist's Guide To Living The High Life On A Low Budget
"The Last Drop of Living: A Minimalist's Guide to Living the High Life on a Low Budget" offers a unique perspective on the concept that minimalism requires self-denial and deprivation. Indeed, after reading this book, you undoubtedly will be inspired to adopt this simple, yet elegant way of experiencing life. Minimal living is not about doing without. It is about savouring everything greedily, while walking gently through your world. This book opens up an exciting doorway into getting the most out of your life, your way, with a 15-step guide to "going minimal." Packed with anecdotes and often humourous incidents, The Last Drop of Living is not only a pleasurable reading experience, but a roadmap to a fulfilling way to decrease the commonplace stresses in your life. Bonus chapters on yurts, barebones business, wildcrafting, energy simplicity, sustainability and minimalist vacation options provide extraordinary value beyond the invigorating discussions on minimalist strategies.
Available in paperback at Createspace  
Available in other e-formats at Smashwords
Eating Wild  
How to harvest and store herbs... culinary & medicinal uses of more than fifty wild plants ... natural herbal remedies and recipes for a variety of ailments and treatments ... meals and side dish recipes using plants harvested from the wild ... and much more. ​​"Eating Wild" presents information on more than fifty common wild plants, from herbs to shrubs. Learn how to harvest, prepare, cook, dry and store a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables. This book provides more than 100 remedies and recipes using wild-harvested plants. Remedies for women and children, skin and hair care formulas, herbal blends for muscle & joint aches, digestive, diet, respiratory and circulatory health, as well as dozens more natural solutions.  Understand the medicinal & culinary value of each herb and plant listed. Learn where to find each plant, and what parts to harvest. This book is based on six decades of hands-on experience by the author. Recipes and remedies have been passed on from the author's parents and First Nations friends, and have been refined through years of experimentation. Robert Lee is the author of books such as "The Last Drop Of Living: A Minimalist's Guide To Living The High Life On A Low Budget," "Finding Your Oasis" and "How To Build A Yurt." He is a former rural business developer specializing in alternative energy concepts, and a former organic gardener. He designs and sells yurts in his spare time. He not only understands the concept of "Eating Wild," he lives it! ​ 
​​Available in paperback  at Createspace ​​
Available in other e-formats at Smashwords
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