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Bob Lee brings a unique style and a different perspective to every story he tells or book he writes.

It begins with the eclectic nature of his life. Three books on simple living (The Last Drop of Living, Finding Your Oasis and Living Simply, Living Rich), one on building a yurt (How To Build a Solid Wall Yurt) and What We Have Lost contrast with his whimsical Fairy Tales, Fables & Yarns For All Ages, humorous The Dance Club or Bizarre Bachelors, insightful Coffee, Black and Disabilities. For an odd take on the criminal element, read Wild People I Have Known, or embrace psychological literary fiction book, Ashes of Paranoia and syfy fiction, Council of the Pure.  


Robert (Bob) Lee's most recent book, What We Have Lost, has been described as a gutwrenching biography. It tells of a family, raised in economic poverty, but shaped by emotional scarcity and a wealth of intellectual stimulation. The individuals may seem unbelievable, but they are more than real: they are his family. 

The lingering, destructive and yet uplifting impact of a mother determined to ram her -- and her family's -- way through any difficulty, sometimes real but often perceived, shapes each life in unique ways. Her love is real, but her love is misdirected. Some flourish, most perish, and those that thrive are not those that should.

It is a book that has been described by one reader as "extremely tough to read. Emotions are always on the edge and I laughed when I should have cried and cried too often to be comfortable. This book is better than well-written. It is a surgery on one's heart, yet ultimately uplifting."

What people are saying ....
I have just finished reading your book for the fifth time. Each time I read it I find something new to enlighten me. It is a wonderful book. Jolene Hamelton