Robert F. Lee
Robert (Bob) Lee's most recent book, What We Have Lost, has been described as a gutwrenching biography. It tells of a family, raised in economic poverty, but shaped by emotional scarcity and a wealth of intellectual stimulation. The individuals may seem unbelievable, but they are more than real: they are his family. 
Out of this chaotic upbringing, Lee discovers some truths of his own. For those of you who have followed his writing, you will recognize many of the psychological abnormalities of his fiction novels' characters and many of the principles for simple livving in the truths that the biography describes. 
In May, he will be unveiling his first of the Travelling Man series: Mama's Boys.
What Readers Say ...  
about Bizarre Bachelors
very humorous, thank you. Roger Burke
about How To Build A (Semi) Solid Yurt
Whether you are embarking on a yurt as a dyi project, with a kit, or just exploring what it might be like to live in the round, the author's strong background and experience provides helpful guidance and insights.
about The Last Drop Of Living
I enjoyed reading this book. Although I am in no way ready to take the plunge into absolute minimalist living this book talks about it is certainly interesting to read about others who have done so! I recommend it to you.  Cynthia Fleming
about business communications & ghostwriting
You have an incredible talent for writing.  Claudia Sarbit
Bizdynamics is a very professional firm and they completed the project on time and within budget. I would recommend them to anyone serious about copywriting quality and professional books. 

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