Your biography can be an autobiography, with Robert Lee's ghostwriting services. Our fees include consultations and interviews with you and relevant persons, preliminary draft and completed draft. For an additional fee, we can arrange publishing & distribution.

Project fees for a 40,000 word memoir or biography begin at $900.


Bob Lee has ghostwritten more than two dozen books -- fiction & non-fiction -- for his clients. Request their feedback and references before you decide on using his services for your dream novel, guide book, non-fiction series or whatever project you would like to complete under your name. Robert (Bob) Lee does the writing, the research and the publishing, as required. You get the credit!

Fees for a 30,000 word project starting at $750.

Robert F. (Bob) Lee

Family Histories

Our family histories projects include layout of book, table-top piece or magazine format, including placement of up to 50 photos, family tree charts and reference links. Each person in the family tree receives a minimum of 350 words of description, as well as a tracing of ancestry. There is an additional fee per photo over the 50 limit. You may opt for one photo per person (50 persons) or multiple photos for individuals

Starting price: $1,250