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Professional writing services. Pretty clear, right? Not “art work, design, advertising copy and social media videos.” I provide professional ghostwriting and copywriting services for individuals and businesses. Simple solutions. But very effective, extraordinary quality.

You want to know, though, how I can help you with your writing needs. You may not even know that you need my writing services, but myriad clients swear by the results that I have achieved for them.

Note that I used “you” four times in the last paragraph, “I” twice. The reason is simple: You are the singular focus of my work, the results the only measurement of the quality of the work that I do for you.

At the end of this page, you will find links to samples of my work in various fields and with a diverse client base. Each one represents a style or focus needed for that specific client.

Currently, I am concentrating my efforts on two business sectors and one writing genre for individual clients. If you fit into any of the three categories, please read on. Generally, I work in the select fields for three to four months, plus ongoing work that results from those initial client contacts.

This strategy for professional writing services allows me to refine the work for each of my clients in those sectors, ensuring high quality through dedicated research. It means that you are hiring a dedicated staff writer, fixated on your unique market niche, for a meagre fraction of what a staffer would cost you for business writing services.

Oh, and by the way, I only work for the Canadian business market. It is only fair, since I am a dedicated Manitoban who knows the western Canada and Ontario business market thoroughly.

Now, please look at the individual and package services I offer. Then, scroll on down to the samples in my portfolio.





Cobra Structures provides fabric buildings for industrial and farm applications. Their blog posts have generated sales as far away as Iceland.

Router Workshop conducts online training, and project guides for handypersons using routers.

Dr. Post builds decks and fences across western Canada. Their blogs have had more than 6,000 views.

Re/Max 2000 Toronto used their blogs and articles to promote various communities in the Toronto capital region, as well as to provide timely training for prospective agents.

EasYurt’s blog has had over 230,000 visitors in eight years.

Ocean Thermal Energy Technologies used their blog site to promote their new ventures and have since expanded globally. Their posts have had over 30,000 views.

White papers & articles

Business plans

Arborg Seniors Housing Corporation, Bifrost Bioblends Ltd. and Interlake Development Corporation are three Manitoba community groups that developed projects using business plans and feasibility studies we developed.

Operating Manuals

Businesses often require training manuals to comply with Workers Compensation Board or Health & Safety regulations. An international restaurant chain ordered this training manual.

Ghostwriting E-books

Because I ghostwrite these books, I cannot provide links to them in their entirety. Instead, I invite you to read through brief excerpts from them.



RV Living

Herbs for Beginners


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