Visit our "Contact" page and complete the request for information. We will email you within two business days to arrange a time to contact you to discuss specifics. As soon as you decide on the format and style of your book, we will begin the process of communicating with you to gather the necessary information for your book. We will contact you by phone, Skype, Zoom or other method regularly (depending on your chosen method and location). 

Once we have sufficient information to proceed, we will prepare a synopsis, chapter outline and recommendations. After you have approved the format and content outline, we will complete the first draft for your approval and revisions, followed by preparation of the final copy, design of the book and finishing details. Projects usually take approximately 5-7 weeks from first contact to completion. Any projects that I undertake prior to November 30, 2020 will be completed by December 25, 2020. Deadline for Valentine's Day projects is January 3, 2021.

We all have stories to tell.

Let us tell yours.

Robert F. Lee, communications specialist


Contact Robert Lee at: admin@robertflee or 204-330-1910

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  •  A love story
  • A story about personal achievement
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  • A family story
  • A lost friendship
  • A presentation or testimonial
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